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World Bee Day

World Bee Day

Today is the 20th of May and it is “World Bee Day”. The United Nations has set aside this day to celebrate the Bees and other pollinators as they are already under global threat of extinction due to human activities. I have known about bees ever since I came to know about my environment as […]

Victoria Falls, An amazing work of Nature

Located on the border of two Southern African countries Zambia and Zimbabwe the great natural structure of land-form of six individual gorges is by far the most impressive landscape in Africa. The Batoka gorge on which the Zambezi river flows, spans for about 1800 metres and to a depth of 128 metres. As the water […]

Silence of the Cities

The Grand Place of Brussels is extremely quiet. If my count is good only less than 8 people are within the arena. A couple taking pictures and 3 other friends on the other end also doing the same as me and my friend join them very for the very same purpose. Besides the silence, it’s […]

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